Upgrades & Modifications

MCA Aviation opened for business in the fall of 2004. We currently partner and represent in the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands, Europe and Scandinavia twelve companies who work with our customers and us to ensure they have the very best product performance enhancements for aircraft we maintain and support. Our very first representation from the USA was with Raisbeck Engineering and the first task was the installation Dual Aft Body Strakes to a King Air C90B with a customer who is still with us today. We continue our relationship with James Raisbeck and his staff offering the proven performance upgrades on the King Air fleet. We represent a further ten companies from the United States of America including Piper Aircraft, Frakes Aviation, Blackhawk Modification Inc, Universal Avionics, Aspen Avionics, Luma Technologies, Mid-Continent, BLR Performance, Rockwell Collins and Garmin. MCA are proud to be representing Daher which includes the TBM range.

Receiving several awards for performance of Sales Achievements with Blackhawk with their trusted Pratt and Whitney PT6A engine performance upgrades, MCA are one of the most experienced installers in the world. We are a European distributor and continue to upgrade Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Caravan, Piper Cheyenne and Cessna Conquest.

Two other companies with performance enhancement products on the Beechcraft King Air that we have been successful, and with our customers achieving excellent aircraft performance results are the BLR Performance Winglets and Frakes Exhaust. MCA have pioneered this BLR technology on both a King Air 90 and 200 series here in Europe and have several aircraft flying today.

In regard to Avionics; our activities and workshops remain busy with great installation packages from Garmin including their trusted next generation G1000 packages for the King Air and the G500/600 flat screen technology for many types of aircraft under 5.7 mt.MCA are a dealer for Rockwell Collins which gives us the ability to maintain your aircraft more efficiently but also offer their new state of the art touchscreen Pro Line Fusion for the King Air, following on with the successful decade of Pro Line 21 the Fusion package offers the most display available for your King Air.

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Aspen Avionics

Aspen offer the Evolution series for your aircraft. One of the advantages of the system is
that you can basically bulk on two and three systems side by side and interface making a three tube Evolution 2500 model. Independent displays with independent gyro accelerometer and magnet sensors aid to the technology offered with the electronic attitude and direction indicator which is also available with Synthetic vision. MCA became a dealer for Aspen in 2012.

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BLR Performance

MCA have a great relationship with BLR Performance and we are still one of the most successful installers for numbers in achievement here in Europe. For whatever the reason you buy a winglet system whether it is performance enhancement or just looks you will not be disappointed with the transformation of your King Air. Some benefits of installation include reduced time to climb, improved handling, reduced take off distance and improved slow flight. We also offer LED lighting system and extended length leading edge de-icer boots.

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MCA have achieved phenomenal success with our long term partners Blackhawk when we first began with an XP-135A back in 2007. Proud of our achievement awards for world leader in sales and top European dealer on several occasions since our partnership with Blackhawk, MCA offer through our distributorship the XP-135A for the 90 series, enabling the 90 to have more power at higher flight levels, less drag and up to a 270 KTAS cruise. A remarkable increase in the rate of climb this engine is current production engine for the Textron King Air 90 in production today. Also available for Piper Cheyenne and Cessna Conquest replacing the tired out of production engines on original airframe. Our latest offering are current production engines with modern day performance coupled with reliability and performance increase.

Replacing the PT6A-41 in the King Air 200, MCA offer an XP42, XP52 or an XP61 for the 200 series. By offering the XP42 and XP61 upgraders have a choice of the role the aircraft is used for. The XP42 is a current production engine in many types of aircraft including more recently the King Air B200,it was the next generation engine replacing the PT6A-41 offering today's technology in materials in an early production aircraft. The XP61 just gives phenomenal performance to its cruise levels also enabling RVSM flight levels to FL350 with 16 minute climbs at gross weight to FL280 and cruising speeds of 315 KTAS its performance is the benchmark for King Air performance in years to come. The XP52 is used in current production for the Textron King Air 250. Basically the same engine as the XP61 but offers a 20 degree more ITT limitation on the XP61 to 820 degrees. All the King Air XP packages are offered with various combinations of propeller, exhaust and further Raisbeck performance enhancers. Call us here at MCA we have extensive experience and knowledge here in Europe and happy to discuss your options.

With over twenty five Skydiving centresusing the trusted Blackhawk XP42A in the world today it leaves little choice when you decide to upgrade your Cessna 208 with a replacement engine. The phenomenal performance increase enhances the number of jumps achievable in a day with the amazing climb rate that is achieved on the Cessna 208 series Grand Caravans from dawn to dusk. Our partners, Blackhawk have just launched this year the XP140 for the Caravan and with current demand we expect this high performer to equal the successes of the XP42A. So whether it's a Caravan you use for load lugging, or for jumpers sky diving - you are unlikely to be disappointed with what Blackhawk and MCA have to offer. As Blackhawk say "Your workhorse just got a lot more muscle" Call us today for advice and choices available.

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Frakes Aviation Exhaust are a popular addition to the King Air upgrade options. These highly polished, low profile, aerodynamic stakes eliminate those unwanted exhaust stains on your paint surfaces. The founder of Frakes Aviation, Joe Frakes, is a frequent visitor here at MCA Aviation, we fitted our first set of Frakes Exhaust back in 2005 and have been fitting them ever since.

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King Air Maintenance, Air Maintenance


Most aviators are familiar with Garmin products and the functionality and user friendly technology in the Garmin G1000 just enhances the availability of today's technology with a glass cockpit. Standard in production on Daher's highly successful TBM 850 and 900 models along with Piper's Piston and turboprop aircraft, a good choice for the manufacturer in providing a multi-functional options capability glass cockpit terminology. MCA offer the G1000 system retrofit as an STC for both FAA and EASA on the trusted King Air 90, 200 and 300 series aircraft. Integrating engine instruments complying with the latest certification requirements such as ADS-B, TAWS-B this RVSM certified avionic suite has options for ESP, Chartview, Synthetic vision and Connext satellite phone. The system comes with a new autopilot including servos and controllers and is backed by Garmin's unsurpassed warranty. Added benefits of the installation in the King Air is a projected reduction in aircraft APS weight of 200lbs. New cables and wiring bring the added benefit of reliability to the modern avionics without the need of troubleshooting old out of production units interfacing with modern technology.

Garmin G5000 is the latest offering for the Beechjet 400 series/400XP. In Garmin's words "Looking Ahead, Reaching Beyond" the new G5000 brings touchscreen technology into the Beechjet and following on from the success with the G1000 in the King Air new cabling, new wiring, and new autopilot including servos mean bigger payloads and reliability. Just some of the benefits for this advanced flight deck update include dual touchscreen display/controls with intuitive menu interface, full FMS integration through dual-channel Garmin digital flight control and WAAS LPV approaches down to 200ft minimums.

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Available for the King Air and the Beechjet 400 series/400XP. Lifetime LED's never having to replace another bulb or cap assembly, cool running, zero maintenance cost with true sunlight readability these integrated LED display systems lift the flight instrument panel into the next generation.


Very few King Airs flying in the world today have absolutely no Raisbeck performance enhancements fitted and this is testament to technology that a Raisbeck upgrade brings. Now fitted by Textron on the latest generation of King Airs standard ex-factory on delivery, Raisbeck Engineering in Seattle, USA continue to supply through their network of dealers throughout the world their range of upgrades.

Recently adding the Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers for all the King Air series giving the cabin a quiet and virtually vibration less operation from take-off to touch down and certified around the world to meet the most stringent regulations and noise requirements.

Ram Air Recovery for the King Air 200 gives you that cooler engine operating ITT and increased available horsepower at altitude giving you that fast airplane. Benefiting also reduced torque loss with deployed ice vanes and a better production against fog for ground operations.

Enhanced Performance Leading Edges remain very popular, cruise speeds and range are increased stall speeds and charactistics are improved and the air conditioning and cooler become more efficient are just some of the benefits along with lower approach speeds and take off distances.

Dual Aft Body Strakes for the King Air 90, these coupled with Raisbeck Swept Blade Propellers give a very useful 10,500lbs max take-off weight. The Strakes on all the King Air range better provide quality and also eliminate the need for your damper operation at altitudes. Working on a principal that the wing/body vortices are captured under the aft fuselage pressuring and reducing aft body drag. The coanda-effect attaches the aft body air flow.

Crown wing lockers they certainly transform the appearance of the King Air - However, they are certified to carry 600lbs of cargo in 17 cubiq feet of luggage space allowing you to place unwanted items carried in the cabin into the lockers whether it be skis, rifles, or golf bags and luggage. Now fitted as standard on all King Air 350's by Textron.

Rockwell Collins

Following a successful Pro Line 21, Pro Line Fusion gives head-up guidance with synthetic vision. Intuitive graphical interface using touch controls on a primary flight displays or using a cursor controller and simple panels bringing in the multi-scan radar provides an automated hands free airborne weather radar. Helping the pilot to manage, monitor and master flight automation with key elements that make flying safer and more enjoyable. MCA are pleased to offer this new generation of avionics into your King Air.

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Fitting the very first European UNS 1N flight management system to a Beechjet 400 way back in 1991 shows how long their trusted FMS systems have been in the Beechcraft flight deck. Integrating the latest technology into Rockwell Collins equipped panel enables departures, en-route and arrival navigation so much easier. Offering the latest UNS 1Ew and UNS 1Lw, MCA have carried out many upgrades on this successful system for many years.