Aircraft surveys and prebuys

There is a saying "You cannot buy experience". However, you can hire it from MCA Aviation for your Aircraft Pre Purchase Inspection. The Pre Purchase Inspection is an essential part of any used aircraft transaction. It is vital to understand both from the perspective from the buyer and the seller. We discuss with you the extent of the Pre Purchase Inspection and to what level you require with all the options.

This makes sense to begin this early so we are ready to be engaged in the PPI and preferably at the aircraft purchase agreement (APA) stage of the transaction. After all, it is the APA that specifies the scope of the PPI and the conditions to which the buyer can cancel the intended purchase if discrepancies are revealed as a result of the PPI.

MCA through our experience provide an independent, impartial and non-biased inspection report detailing three levels of discrepancy grades i.e. matters affecting airworthiness, defects, discrepancies outside the OEM inspection/in service criteria and observations, considerations and recommendations.

What is important to MCA is that our customer is content and satisfied with our attention to detail and with the upmost confidence when in most cases dealing with a multi-million dollar transaction for the ultimate aim of the customer getting exactly what they are paying for.

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