Hi Malcolm,

I've had the aircraft back 3 days now and flown every day since. The avionics are great, in fact so good they surpass my expectations so I wanted to thank you and provide a testimonial which I hope will help you and inform others too.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a comprehensive avionics upgrade on my TBM N278MP, a 700C2 s/n 256, performed by Malcolm and his team at MCA Aviation in Bournemouth (EGHH). The upgrade included the installation of the GFC600 autopilot, GTN750Xi, and two G600TXi screens, resulting in an outstanding panel layout. MCA Aviation's design is intuitive and user-friendly, making the flying experience remarkably smoother and more enjoyable.

From the beginning, the system has been fault-free, which is very impressive considering the extensive work involved. Malcolm's transparency throughout the process was commendable; any issues that arose were promptly addressed and resolved. The pricing was very competitive, adding even more value to the exceptional service provided.

I cannot overstate how pleased I am with the work done by MCA Aviation. Their attention to detail and commitment to integrity have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend MCA Aviation to all TBM owners seeking top-notch avionics upgrades. Malcolm and his team deliver excellence with unparalleled dedication.

Mike Ward, TBM 700 Owner

I have based and maintained my TBM900 (and previous TBM850) aircraft under the care of MCA at Bournemouth during my annual visits to UK. The service of Malcolm and his team has been friendly and responsive, and the aircraft has always been serviceable and ready to fly when I have needed it.

John Giddens, TBM900 Owner

We have had the honor and privilege to work with the team at MCA Aviation over a span of many years. Their product knowledge, expertise, and honesty continue to make them our preferred Go To Facility whenever we are able. Thank you Malcolm and team for all of your assistance and great service !!!!!

John Eruren, West Coast Aircraft Sales

Malcolm and the team at MCA did a great job in looking after first a King Air B200 and then a 350 I owned. I admired their professional yet calm approach to aircraft maintenance and the team always kept customer service at the heart of their work.

Graeme Brooks, CEO, Avtrade

After half a dozen aircraft transactions involving MCA Aviation, I can attest that Malcolm and his team are among the best knowledgeable people in aircraft maintenance out there. MCA Aviation is a solution maker with the highest motivation for safety and client's needs. All this for an optimized and transparent cost

Mathieu Pezin, Executive Vice President, Boutsen Aviation