Beechjet / 400 XP


Our staff were the first to maintain and support Beechcraft first Jet back in 1989 and in fact we were the largest European operator here in the UK and operated many of the Beechcraft assembled Mitsubishi Diamond manufactured RJ Serial numbered aircraft. Running the UK certification programme for the Beechjet here in the UK we have an unsurpassed index knowledge of the aircraft. Moving onto the Beechcraft manufactured RK serialised aircraft we continue to be involved in the support of this aircraft type and we are approved under EASA and FAA to do so. Offering now the next generation of avionics the Garmin G5000 flight deck MCA are proud to be associated with this aircraft today.


Routine servicing/Inspections either to the requirements of the OEM maintenance programme or to EASA and Isle of Man approved for aircraft that are supported under commercial air transport operations (CAT). Quality inspection standards and workmanship which is trusted, reliable and fair provides reliability from our trained working team. The out of phase inspections for our client base are normally pre planned prior to input to enhance turn times and should the need to rectify discrepancies that have been found during routine servicing, our access to huge inventory of spare parts enables our customers a peace of mind knowing that their aircraft can be efficiently returned to service in a timely manner.

Avionic Modifications

Garmin G5000 is the latest offering for the Beechjet 400 series/400XP. In Garmin's words "Looking Ahead, Reaching Beyond" the new G5000 brings touchscreen technology into the Beechjet and following on from the success with the G1000 in the King Air new cabling, new wiring, and new autopilot including servos mean bigger payloads and reliability. Just some of the benefits for this advanced flight deck update include dual touchscreen display/controls with intuitive menu interface, full FMS integration through dual-channel Garmin digital flight control and WAAS LPV approaches down to 200ft minimums.